You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Pre-Sales Questions

Is your Extra Holes service something that a funeral home could handle for me?

We are more than happy to work with any funeral home. Your funeral home can facilitate the paperwork and provide the cremated remains to us, after which we will return the completed order back to them so that they can get it to you at your convenience.

How would I provide the cremated remains to Extra Holes, LLC?

We will supply you with a kit that includes a small sealable tin for the remains, a USPS Express Mail padded envelope, two USPS “cremated remains” labels which go on each side of the envelope, an application form and a letter of instruction. You will need to take that labeled envelope with its contents to a local post office. 

Is there a specific amount of cremated remains that need to be sent to you?

We require 4 ounces of the cremated remains, of which one-half of one tablespoon goes into each ball. Any amount left over following the assembly of the balls will be returned to you.

Can I order the Extra Holes golf balls for myself, a family member or a friend prior to a person’s death?

Yes. Extra Holes will take an order for future use, and will send a certificate of payment and a collection kit for use upon the eventual death of the honoree.

Are you licensed and bonded to handle cremated remains?

There is no requirement in the U.S., or in any individual state, that an individual or company be licensed or bonded to handle cremated remains.

Be assured that care is taken throughout the process to ensure that your loved one’s remains are handled both efficiently and respectfully.

Is the process of creating the balls, and the materials used in making them environmentally friendly? Are there any components that would be toxic to humans or animals?

Cremated remains are considered sanitary, not toxic and harmless according to most sources.

As a February 2021 article from Urns Northwest states: “The pH balance of cremains is very high, meaning they are alkaline or basic. The cremains also contain a high amount of salt, and this can be toxic to plants. Many other naturally occurring substances have high pH levels, so this in itself does not mean the remains are bad for the environment.”

Note: we use only one-half of a tablespoon of cremated remains in each ball.

The outer shell of the ball is made with a biodegradable resin which qualifies as a fully compostable material, which is environment friendly.

The powder used to supplement the cremated remains is corn starch, which is environmentally friendly.

We do use five very small dots of a fast-acting, “SuperGlue” type adhesive (cyanoacrylate) to bond the two halves of the ball together. This type of adhesive can cause irritation to the skin if touched during application, but is dangerous only if swallowed or inhaled.

Are there laws or regulations that govern the spreading of cremated remains?

Laws and regulations vary from state to state that regulate the spreading of cremated remains. In the case of bodies of water, and Federal parks, federal law may take precedent over local and state laws.

The basic rule of thumb to follow is, you can spread cremated remains on your own property, but it is suggested that you have permission to spread them on private property.

It is relevant to note that most of these rules have been adopted to regulate the scattering of a complete set of cremated remains, which is 6-8 pounds on average, as opposed to the one-half tablespoon of ashes in one Extra Holes golf ball.

Product Questions

Why are your Extra Holes golf balls green?

We chose the color green specifically to indicate that the material used in molding the ball is environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.

Can I choose a different color for the ball?

No, the balls are all the same green color. This enables the Extra Holes balls to be quickly identified, and makes it easier to collect any fragments of a ball after playing it off the tee.

How are the cremated remains put into the golf balls?

Each ball begins in two halves, and is assembled by hand after filling the halves with the mix of cremated remains and the plant-based powder.

Are any other materials added to each ball?

The cremated remains are supplemented with a colored plant-based powder in order to fill each ball.

My Mom and Dad played golf together for many years, and I have both of their cremated remains. Can you make a dozen Extra Holes balls with both of their ashes?

Absolutely. Just fill the 4 oz. tin from the collection kit we send you with equal amounts (2 oz.) of each parent’s ashes, and we will combine the ashes together in each ball.

What if I wanted to place one of the balls on my desk, or above my fireplace? Are there stands or display cases available?

There are many stands and displays available for this purpose in various price ranges, from a simple plexiglass ball cube (under $2), to a larger glass display case with wooden base molding and mirrored bottom and back ($20), to a solid acrylic case ($37).

A Web search for “golf ball cube” or “single golf ball display case” will provide you with these and numerous other options to display your Extra Holes golf ball.

Does the ball actually explode upon impact?

No, there are no incendiary or explosive components in the ball. The impact of being struck with the club head causes the ball to break into several pieces, thereby releasing the contents.

How does the ball compare to a “regulation” golf ball? Is it roughly the same size and weight?

They are the same size, but slightly lighter. A standard golf ball weighs about 45 grams, while Extra Holes golf balls weigh about 33 grams.

How hard would I need to hit the ball for it to break apart? Do you recommend using a specific club?

For best results, we recommend hitting the ball off of a tee with a driver or three wood, and striking it directly on the Extra Holes logo. A normal tee shot swing is hard enough to cause the ball to break apart.

Ordering & Shipping

Can I provide you with a personalized message to be imprinted on each ball?

See our home page and our order form for examples of personal messages that can be written to represent the decedent. Each ball provides a space of approx. 3/4″ square for printing. This space can also be filled with a photo or an image that represents the decedent’s vocation or passion while living.

Can you ship me the customized golf balls, and whatever else is needed, so that I can assemble them myself? I just don’t feel comfortable sending my loved one’s remains to anyone.

Yes, we can do that. We can print your personalized message on one half of the golf ball and send you the balls, the supplemental filler and the packaging, and then direct you to a DIY video that details the assembly process.

There will be a slight savings in the charge for our services in this case. Call or email us for details.

We should emphasize here that the United States Postal Service has a very detailed and respectful process for shipping cremated remains, and that we assemble each order individually by hand in our offices. So care is taken throughout the process to ensure that your loved one’s remains are handled both efficiently and respectfully.

Can I select individual images or messages for each of the twelve balls?

Currently, there is a limit of one message or image per order.

Will I be informed of the status of my order?

We will send you a photo of your package when we receive it, a photo of your completed set of Extra Holes golf balls, and a photo of the completed package ready for delivery to the post office. These notifications can be provided via text or email.

How long does it take to get the completed order of one dozen Extra Holes golf balls back to me?

From the date we receive the cremated remains from you or your crematorium, it will take about 5-7 days to get the personalized balls printed, assembled and back to you.

Why do you ship everything via the U.S. Post Office, as opposed to FedEx or UPS?

The U.S. Post Office is the only legal method by which to send cremated remains, and the USPS has developed a very meticulous, safe and respectful way to handle these types of shipments. No other delivery service (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) can legally accept or ship cremated remains.

The Post Office provides extensive information about this entire process on their Web site:

Shipping Cremated Remains and Ashes