Since the game began, golfers have longed to spend eternity on the golf course.

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A unique and creative way to pay tribute to a golfer

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In 2020, more than 56% of people in the U.S. selected cremation as an option upon death. This number is projected to reach as high as 72 percent by 2030.*

Due to this increased popularity of cremation as a choice, unique alternatives have emerged for celebrating a decedent’s life, via the thoughtful and personalized distribution of their cremated remains.

*2021 annual cremation statistics courtesy of the American Cremation Association of North America (

At Extra Holes, LLC, we’ve come up with a truly unique and creative option for family members and friends to celebrate and remember the life of a golfer.

Our personalized golf balls, molded using a unique biodegradable material, are filled with a small amount of cremated remains. When struck off a tee, each ball will burst into several pieces, releasing the decedent’s ashes to float in the air for a short distance before settling softly onto the ground.

Sunrise on golf course | Scott Hashier (courtesy of Unsplash)

Place your order for one dozen personalized balls, and plan on distributing them to those golfers who would like to pay tribute to your loved one who has passed.

They will be honored to complete the wishes of your loved one to have their ashes lie in memorable places.


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The process is simple, and can be done directly through our website. Or, let your funeral home handle it for you.

Head over to our Order page if you’re ready to begin. Or, check out our comprehensive FAQs if you’d like more info on how our service works.

Sunrise on golf course | Scott Hashier (courtesy of Unsplash)